We have all seen it happen. The bride has a sip of wine to calm her nerves and spills a drop on her gown. Or how about when its time to take pictures in that summer heat and the bridesmaids makeup has started to glisten. And God-forbid the moment you realize there is a button hanging by a string on the back of your gown. There always seems to be something when it comes to the big day, but thanks to Mojuba - you can be ready for anything!

“Mojuba,” which in some African cultures refers to a bag of magical items that bring joy and happiness, and a prayer of praise and tribute, has become the life business of Jackie James. After countless experiences like the ones above, not to mention inspiration from her 20 years of work as a wedding planner, Jackie realized it was time to go on a new adventure. Enter Mojuba.

Mojuba began with a simple mission: to help brides and grooms experience a magnificent, memorable, stress-free wedding. Bride and Groom Mojuba Wedding emergency kits are luxurious bags that contain a collection of stylish, must-have items that brides and grooms need to feel confident that the wedding day is absolutely perfect for everyone involved. The bags are customized for brides and grooms respectively and contain all the items needed to avoid or fix any of the stressful moments that can take place on your wedding day. As an added bonus, each bag can be used again and again for travel and serve as a keepsake of your wedding day.

Bride Mojuba is a sophisticated, chic bag that unfolds to reveal one exquisite item after another, from essential everyday items to indulgent necessities for the bride and her bridal party. It has a built-in mirror and is easy to throw over a shoulder or carry on the arm. Also tucked inside each Bride Mojuba bag is a little something to make you smile: a thoughtful, unique gift from Jackie herself. The items are distinct and ever-changing, but always reflect the idea of Mojuba-of praise, tribute, and a beautiful journey beginning on the wedding day and continuing long thereafter.

Groom Mojuba is a handsome, sleek, messenger-style bag containing necessities for the groom and groomsmen. The Groom Mojuba Wedding Emergency Kit comes lined in either lime green or tangerine, can easily convert into a handsome briefcase by tucking the strap inside, and includes a dopp kit for organization and travel. Again, Jackie includes a little something special just for the groom inside each Groom Mojuba.

In developing Mojuba, Jackie worked with major retailers and boutique manufacturers all around the world to find the best and most sophisticated products. Jackie’s bins of ideas and tattered papers have evolved into an incredible, fashionable, essential part of any wedding day.

Images courtesy of Mojuba


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