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Weddings Unveiled has chosen a winner for the Best Proposal Contest! We had some really amazing stories of heartfelt and sentimental proposals and we want to thank everyone who chose to share them with us. It was really difficult to choose the best one. However, we just couldn't resist the proposal story from Jesi Haack! Not only was the scenery beautiful & meaningful (on top of a snowy mountain), but it is always special when your closest friends can be involved. The bed of roses her boyfriend knelt on was just icing on the cake! See her full story below. Congratulations Jesi and be on the lookout for more great contests!

"My husband and I LOVE to go snowboarding and we used to go a couple times a week. We went up to the mountains one day for what i thought was a regular day of snowboarding. As we got to the top of the chair lift I noticed about 20 people standing at the top holding a huge sign. As we got closer I could make out what it said, "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" My first thought was, "don't do something stupid, jes, it's probably for the girl behind you." As I snowboarded closer, I began to make out the smiling, teary eyed faces of all of my closest friends and when I looked back at Ryan, he was on his knee on a bed of rose petals, with his snowboarding jacket off, revealing a shirt and tie, holding out the most perfect ring I have ever seen. Of course I screamed and cried until someone that worked at the mountain yelled for me to answer him. I said YES and we have been happily married for 4 years and still snowboarding! "


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