I've been blogging now for a month and a half and realize I need to spend quality time with the grooms. For me, wedding fashion is fascinating because most bridal silhouettes are borrowed from evening wear and I love, love, love dressing up to go to out at night. Well, after some research, I'm finding mens formal wear is just as fascinating. Did you know the tux and tails so popular in wedding and formal fashion derive from hunting jackets and military uniforms?

Photos courtesy of Selix.

Guys really have it easy. Typically, a groom and his groomsmen can shop a couple months pre-wedding for their tuxes and look great whereas a bride and her party seem to have to spend months devoted to the dress search. After the dress is found that's not the end of it. There are months of fittings, choosing colors for bridesmaids, etc. Shopping becomes a social thing with mothers and bridesmaids--something that could easily turn into a hobby.
For grooms choosing a tux or formal wear has never been so streamlined. Today you just point and click. The tux at left is classic; I found it on Selix, one of the most comprehensive websites for formalwear and this is only one of many styles offered.
To read more about mens formal wear, I wrote an article for Pash Weddings on the subject. :


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