Though she wasn't exactly a fashion trendsetter she was an icon who could work it with a few really great dresses. At top is her famous white halter from Seven Year Itch which inspired my bouffant chantilly lace below it.
Did you know Marilyn had three real life weddings in her lifetime? For her first marriage her guardian managed to find her a full length satin A-line to marry boy next door, Jim Doherty. Her next two weddings were rush events. She married Joe DiMaggio in a dark suit with an ermine collar; Arthur Miller in a lightweight daytime dress with a fly away veil.
My favorite Marilyn dress comes from her Arthur Miller phase. I tried to find a photo of it last night but couldn't. In any case, in this photo I couldn't find, she's hugging a tree and wearing a cotton eyelet dress. That particular embroidered eyelet always stayed in my head. Look for some 'a la Marilyn inspired' eyelets and cottons in the upcoming months in my collection.


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